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Overview TruckSathi

TruckSathi is a breakthrough e-platform created to seamlessly connect small-medium-large consignors (customers) with truck community, fleet owners or its operators. This platform promises to provide reliable end-to-end services to these communities through a transparent well-defined process which was enabled using an innovative tech platform. TruckSathi has been created to deliver services most cost-effectively through transparent pricing models for its customers and pass-on best advantages to logistic providers equally.


In India transporting goods on-time and making sure they reach destination as scheduled always been the lifeline for both direct and indirect consumers or the industries. From decades of experience, we observed that finding right truck operator or agent to deliver goods on-time at a specified location at a competitive rate is a complex and time-intensive exercise to most of the customers. TruckSathi aims to simplifies this, as created to solve these problems for both the communities after lot of study and market research, expert advice, and some intensive trials. Its clear goal is to effectively serve both customers and transport operators most cost-effectively in a transparent and reliable manner.

2019 Established


At TruckSathi we believe technology is only a medium but not a solution by itself and to solve any given business problem we first need to understand this deeply, experience or learn surrounding issues and challenges and then pragmatically build the solution harnessing right technologies. With these thoughts, we done our research, gathered data, identified and understood the pain points. Only then we started building possible solutions that can continuously incorporate new business challenges and can deliver a reliable user-friendly solution to meet best expectations of all the users.

Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled us help improve our solutions at various stages at a regular pace since no solution is 100% or complete. Keeping this in mind, our solutions are built with a passion to include new challenges and deliver best user experience to all times.

Team Sathi

“Ordinary team with extraordinary teamwork”


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TruckSathi is a place where work is challenging, where innovation and initiatives are rewarded and where employees are encouraged to enhance their strengths. When we work together we shall achieve success and we together shall move ahead. Working with us means that you will have abundant opportunities to get recognized and be visible.

Influence the future of Indian Truck Transport process. If you want to be part of a team that values your enthusiasm, passion, and creativity and if you’re an ambitious problem-solver who isn’t afraid to take on a challenge, we’d love to hear from you.

Our employees come first TruckSathi offers:
  • Fun team events and outings
  • In-house professional development and training opportunities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • The fast-growing start-up that has massive potential
  • Performance based bonus
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